Why – With over 1,800,000,000 photographs placed per day on the internet, viewers are saturated with pictures. However, these viewers rarely truly see. TwoCents is an exercise in visual literacy with the intent to enlighten viewers to truly see.

What –  TwoCents is a weekly photography column comprised of a photograph selected from submissions made by photographers. Open to anyone, each selected photograph will be accompanied by a short essay as to why it was selected. The essay will discuss aesthetics, content, and occasional historical footnotes, but rarely technique.  The tone will be positive, supportive, and down to earth with the intent of promoting the individual photographers’ work, the photographic arts in general, and encourage visual literacy.

Who – I am career photographer, author, instructor and mentor. I began making pictures in 1963 at the age of 9 and have continued doing so ever since. I have seen  photography transition from a magical craft into a smartphone app.  I have been the very grateful recipient of over 100 awards from the photographic and publishing communities including the Crystal Book Award for Best Photography Book, and the Independent Publishers Best Photography Book Award. I’ve been around quite a while, but I am still very passionate about the medium.

~ Carl Corey