David Heberlein

I’ve spent most of my life living in or near small towns. Now I’m an urban dweller (a pedestrian photographer) living in the heart of St. Paul. Despite it’s size, Minnesota’s capitol feels like a small city. The downtown area is compact, accessible, and easy to navigate on foot. Meandering with the camera provides moments of exhilaration, uncertainty, and sadness.

Many downtown buildings have been restored. Many have been demolished and rebuilt. The now deserted building on the left was originally built in 1963 as the Dayton’s Department Store, which became Marshall Fields, which became Macy’s, which closed almost four years ago. The elevated skyway (walkway) to the right provides year round access between buildings, but has sucked the life out of a once vibrant street level scene.

Photographer Todd Hido refers to a the ‘subtle psychology of space’ evident in some photographs- they show what’s visible, but hint at the invisible. This image has multiple meanings to me.  ~ David Heberlein

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